I'm Fernando


Back in Caracas, I started getting involved with fitness when I was just 16. Sure I knew there was a lot to learn, but patience and passion were the only tools needed.

When I was 30, I relocated to the USA, and my love for fitness and healthy habits kept growing up. I began working at Cardinal Fitness and earned my ACE Personal Training Certification while I was there, studying during my spare time. Along with the certification, I completed other studies in obesity, balance training, sports injuries, and golf conditioning. Eight years later, I opened my private studio in Westfield, which allowed me to train my clients one-on-one and incorporate group classes.


Moving to a different country with a different culture and language has been an exciting and valuable challenge. Though there are noticeable differences, there are also many common factors that link us all together. For example, I realized that people appreciated my passion for art, in addition to health and fitness.


Also, many people share the same passion for helping animals. Over the years, I have formed many friendships (human and animal) volunteering at the Hamilton County Humane Society, Madison County Humane Society, and other rescue centers.


Over the years, I have learned that being a personal trainer allows me to help my clients with much more than just their physical goals. I have the opportunity to teach my clients about things such as fitness vs. fads, correct techniques, overcoming stress, balance, and nutrition. As most of us want the best results in the minimum time, it's easy to gravitate to new trends that promise to help us conquer our fitness goals in record time and with minimum effort. If it sounds too good to be true, most likely it is, and because of that, I have been pleased to bring guidance to those who get lost after being bombarded not only with advertisements of new pills, shakes, workout programs, diets, or equipment that don't work as promised.

All of us have different fitness goals, even when the most common is losing weight, but getting there requires learning how our body works, overcoming the obstacles, and a good dose of patience and dedication. It's not about getting to the goal for a short amount of time but about learning how to live a healthy lifestyle to accomplish those goals more permanently.

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