It’s no secret that we have been dealing with the pandemic for much longer than we ever anticipated. The variants and the disagreement among the population have allowed for the numbers to climb back to concerning levels. Back in 2020, many people felt lost after finding themselves without a safe place to work out. I am committed to doing anything to help people feel safe while working out.
For me, the health of everyone who attends the workout sessions is the top priority. With that in mind, I am offering a studio of 1500 sq ft to conduct the private sessions, with equipment that gets thoroughly disinfected with alcohol between sessions.

During the lapse of 10 months, I have been tracking the weekly evolution of the cases of covid in the state of Indiana (according to the ISDH). The graphics are good reminded of the importance of providing a safe place to work out, as well as protecting ourselves and those around us.

As the only trainer in the studio, I feel it’s respectful and considerate for me to wear the mask while training anybody, and I don’t hesitate to share my proof of vaccination. I firmly believe that physical health (minimizing the risk of contracting the virus) is as important as mental health (bringing the peace of mind of knowing we are exercising in a safe environment.)

Welcome to a safe place to train,



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