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The best way to achieve our goals is to know exactly what plan to follow, how to adapt it to us and, most importantly, how to perform the exercises in a proper way. There is no substitute for one-on-one sessions with a personal Trainer in order to know exactly what it takes to take care of our body and health.


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Fitness Sessions

In a continually evolving world, online sessions are an excellent alternative to overcome the temporary situation we are living, as well as defeating any geographical barrier.

Allow a professional to design and guide you through a fitness routine, utilizing the minimum equipment possible.



Fernando is the most genuine, friendly, and helpful person I've met since moving to Indiana. I'm excited to be working with him on my fitness goals. He educates for life long fitness changes. No gimmicks, no quick fixes. He covers every facet of fitness, diet, and mental health strategy I can think of and has been a rock of support through it so far. For the first time in my life I see a way forward to feeling better about my health. Thank you so much! ~ MATT C.



"I have been working out with Fernando for almost 10 years! I never liked
"exercise" until I met Fernando. Now I am strong. I am healthy. I feel
great! " ~ Loni M.



"I have known fernando for a long time, and there has been no better trainer for me. he pushes you to your limits, always demoNstrate patience, and never gives up on you. he also has you use a foodlog app on your phone, that he checks, to give you pointers on what you are eating. he then gently offers suggestions to meet your goals. he is the only trainer that honestly has made an impact of my eating. if you want results along with patience and understanding, then fp training is what you need. i highly recommend fernando to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their lives!" ~ rachel j.




I have been training people in the Carmel/Westfield area since 2005. My goal is to help each one of my clients achieving their fitness goals in the healthiest way possible, balancing resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning, balance, flexibility, and nutrition.


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